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The Club Matters.

March 2019


Another month just flashed past so quickly it seems that I was writing the last column!


I write this having just returned from our National Committee meeting where I was able to update the club on some of the activity that has been underway behind the scenes.

Our review sub-committee have just finished our new articles which were unanimously agreed at the meeting and this is another example of how we are able to adapt and keep pace with legislation and lay the groundwork for next year such as electronic voting.


You will see from our accounts that our financial position has improved since last year and this is against a headwind of some losses at the Peter Morgan Memorial race and writing down some old regalia stock. A great performance by all and evidence our new structure is bringing more focus in this area.


Our Annual Dinner and Awards is in March and whilst bookings have been slow we now have over 100 people booked with a great time promised at the Morgan Factory and Jon Wells from Morgan will be doing a presentation for us so maybe we will be able to pick up some snippets of news.


In April we have our Annual General Meeting at the Morgan Factory and we have been informed that this will coincide with one of their Saturday opening days. The Shop and Café will be open from 8.30 to 1.30 with tours available, but must be pre-booked before the day.


As Colin Thornton said last month all of this is a far cry from the most important element of driving our cars and with that said, I am just off for a spin in the sunshine in mine for no particular reason.


I hope to see you soon.



An experience never forgotten