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The Club Matters. 


October 2019

It’s not long since I’ve arrived back home after the recent meeting at Nettle Hill in Coventry where we managed to cover off almost every topic relating to the MSCC.

It reminds me of how much work is being done by volunteers in the club and many hours of work are undertaken in the pursuit of ensuring we maintain the status quo. Not easy in an ever-changing world – at least one thing remains constant – enjoying our cars.


I also managed to meet with Steve Morris at Morgan motor company where we discussed our future event planning possibilities and I am delighted to report that Morgan’s new investor, Invest Industrial, have asked to become more active with the Morgan community, which of course is a great sign for the future. Gill wasted no time and has already signed up two of the board members!


Frank Whitefoot is headlong into the planning for our National event in 2020 and I was pleased to be able to join Frank during a visit to the main hotel, and meet the new site director. I am very confident we now have a good format and we will be launching more info on the event shortly. 


The next main event after our National Committee meting, is the Classic Car Show at the NEC. This year we have a large stand in a prime position in Hall one. We also have a club discount code you can use until midnight on Thursday 7th November, full ticket offer details can be seen at: https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/club-tickets. I hope to see you there. 

(Code available in What’s On in Miscellany or on the members area under discount codes).


Codey our dog has just eaten another garlic clove, and is just reminding me its time for his morning walk – well more like a tow for me, so I had better sign off.




An experience never forgotten