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The Club Matters. 

May 2019


Well it looks like I have done something right as you elected me for another year, thank you!

We have achieved a huge amount as a club in the last twelve months and I just thought I would mention a few of them here, however there are many more elements.

Financial – We improved the clubs performance year on year against a backdrop of influences such as higher costs for racing and the write-down of some older regalia stock enabling Paul Leggett to start a new refreshed regalia line-up.

New Structure - enabling less pressure on a few individuals and provides the ability of officers to focus on elements that need attention and more importantly be at more events to ensure we are listening to the membership.

Technology - Improved website with a new refresh is underway. New secure online storage area for club documents and a planned transition for all officers to a new standardised email address.

Communication – Peter Chapman and Gill are focussing on making sure we update you all by Facebook, Twitter and carrier pigeon if necessary and that coupled with class leading improvements to Miscellany show a great improvement this year.

Events – These are at the core of what we do whether it is Motorsport, Overseas Touring, car shows or just meeting up for lunch. I have seen a huge improvement in what is on offer from our travel club and they are now arranging some events for centres removing the burden of organising. them yourselves.

One area that we will be focussing on is the Annual Awards and Dinner which year on year is seeing a slight reduction in numbers so our master of organisation Frank Whitefoot is off looking at the options for us to review at the next National Committee Meeting. We will keep you posted on this.

On a personal level it has been less burdensome than I expected, thanks to the support from the officers and National Committee, and others. Somehow I have managed to balance the needs of renovating my house, my new puppy Cody, and all my Morganeering., and still save time for my main support, Jayne my wife.


Perhaps the government could hire us to handle the “`B” Word !


Thanks to all and here is to a great 2019




An experience never forgotten