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The Club Matters.

January 2019


As you read this sprouts will be a distant memory by now, and you will have had enough of Brexit. So Charles and the team at Offstone Publishing managed to work their magic through the run up to Christmas to get you this edition on time to take your mind off things.

Thanks also to all who submitted their reports by the December deadline.


Preparations are now well underway for our first National Committee meeting of 2019 on 3rd February. If you have any items for the agenda or wish to attend please contact Gill Bevan by Friday 25th January at the latest, or your centre secretary.


I mentioned before that our new club structure was in place and working well, and next month you will start to see updates from the team lead officer for each area starting with our Commercial lead Colin Thornton. I hope it will give you some more insights into the inner workings of the MSCC.


As I sit here in the warm, I am just planning some of my own Morgan events for 2019, 7 so far in the UK, and some others in France. I still cannot believe the vast array of trips available to us and run by both our local centres and our travel club. Thanks to all for all of your efforts. I for one have no idea how I had time to go to work before I retired!


This also reminded me to mention if you haven’t yet booked up for the Annual Dinner and Awards (ADA) in March then it isn’t too late. Morgan Motor Company will be hosting us for the first time on the Friday, and supplying a great after dinner speaker for the Saturday. If you haven’t been before I would highly recommend this weekend.


In closing,I wish you all a happy and enjoyable new year in your Morgan




An experience never forgotten