Chairmans Column

Keeping up with the Morgans

By Colin Thornton (Chairman)

August 2020

There are signs of life this month, we had a race meeting at Donington which included the Peter Morgan memorial race, Phil Royle tells me that the Classic Car Show in November is likely to go ahead and there has been a Test Match! It is also apparent that Centres are starting to organise small scale events after months of members staring at each other on video screens, but before you go ahead I would ask that you read the Government advice on meeting in groups (recently circulated to Centre Secretaries) to make sure you are not inadvertently the wrong side of these rules. I was looking at a note sent out to members of another well-known car club the other day on this subject, which was very prescriptive and stern in its tone but we took the view that MSCC members can be relied on to do the “right thing”.

I believe that Charles Neal our editor has done a fantastic job these past few months in difficult circumstances and has continued to provide us with a first class magazine. He has been supported in his endeavours by members who have submitted articles on a huge variety of topics and of course our loyal advertisers. A huge thank you to all who have taken the trouble to send in material for publication which has countered the lack of activity that would normally have been taking place throughout the spring and summer. One thing that is in short supply are your photographs for consideration for inclusion in the 2021 calendar. I realise that opportunities for nicely posed cars in front of holiday destinations have been thin on the ground this year but with so much polishing having taken place during lockdown don’t let it go to waste. To make up for the lack of photo opportunities, archive photos will also be accepted this year. An article with more details of how to submit your photographs will be in the magazine next month.

I read in the paper that there has been a big increase in enquiries about cosmetic surgery during lockdown in particular face lifts. Have these people not heard that riding in a Morgan, top down at 70mph (where it is safe to do so) sporting a huge grin is guaranteed to rearrange the muscles on your face with dramatic effect?

Stay Safe.

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Watch the Bentley Drivers Club racing online (Saturday 22nd August)

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Brands Hatch Masters this Sunday - free tickets

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Antiques Roadshow - the Morgan Connection

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