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Contact Us

Chair Jon Savage chair.mscc@gmail.com
Vice Chair Colin Thornton vicechair.mscc@gmail.com
Past Chair Peter Chapman pastchair.mscc@gmail.com
MemSec Gill Bevan membership.mscc@gmail.com
Treasurer Roger Coverley mscctreasurer@gmail.com
Editor & Calendar Charles Neal editor.mscc@gmail.com
Concours Chris Bailey concours@morgansportscarclub.com
Regalia Paul Leggett


CPO Olivia Denson oliviadenson@btinternet.com
Overseas Liaison John Donovan


Archivist Mike Hughes archivist@morgansportscarclub.com
PR Officer Mike Powell mike@tigercubs.plus.com
FBHVC & web Keith Gibbins msccwm@gmail.com
Competition Sec Vacant chair.mscc@gmail.com
Awards Sec Mike Meredith msccawards@gmail.com
Speed Champ Org Simon Baines organiser@speedmog.co.uk
Race Series Co-ord Katy Thompson katy-theabbey@hotmail.com
Centre Liaison Dave Bright centre.liaison@morgansportscarclub.com
Insurance Officer Andy Bye insurance@mscc.uk.com


Contact the MSCC Membership Secretary

Tel:  +44 (0) 1666 238083 Fax: +44 (0) 1666 504949


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The Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd

Registered Office: 6 Earle Court LA9 4SF

Registered Number: 2595917 England  VAT No: 276 7602 30




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