Fuel injected engine becomes a standard fitting on the Plus 8


Plus 4 M16 introduced with a Rover 2.0 litre M16 engine and Rover 5 speed gearbox. This engine increased the bhp to 140 at 6000 rpm. Price was now around £13,500.


Wire wheels become standard on Four Fours.

Plus 8 fitted with Rover 3.9 engine as used in the Range Rover Vogue SE producing 190 bhp at 4,750 rpm with maximum torque of 235 lb ft at 2,600 rpm. Autocar wrote 'It offers a tactile experience entirely absent from the cocooned opulence of so many of today's executive cars. Drive a Morgan quickly and the driver gets a real sense of achievement. It sets the pulse racing.' Price in the UK with the normal extras was £25,341.00.