4 Wheeler

Just before WW1 a prototype four-wheeler with a Dorman 4 cylinder engine was made but never put into production. In 1935 the scheme to make a four-wheeler was revived. Production of the famous Four Four (meaning four-cylinder four-wheel) began in 1936 and the engine used was an 1172 c.c. Coventry Climax engine with overhead inlet and side exhaust valves, producing 38 b.h.p. Price at then was £195. 5s and it had a top speed of around 80 mph with a 0 to 60 mph in 28.4 seconds. Autocar said "The car's suspension is admirable on ordinary surfaces, on the firm side over certain types of less good surfaces at low speed, and inclined to be hard over a really severe potholed section." It's pleasing to know that nothing much has changes on the new cars!"