New entry level Morgan launched. Named the Runabout it was available in 3 standard colours only with a standard no-option specification. The price was £22,000 around £2,500 less than the 4/4. It could be recognised by the reduced number of bonnets louvers.

After 35 years of production Morgan announced the Anniversary Plus 8. Around 200 of this version were sold.

Limited Edition Aero 8 GT Coupe announced.


The new USA Specification Aero 8 was launched at the 2004 Los Angeles Motor Show. Now using the latest BMW M62 V8 engine it also had a wider body and a slightly modified rear end. Price (excluding VAT) was £58,500.

With the demise of the Rover V8 engine due to it being unable to meet current emission regulations the final Plus 8's were built. In production for 36 years the Plus 8 was Morgan's largest selling model with around 6,000 being built.

Morgan returned to Le Mans after the disappointment of 2003. The Aero 8 finishes the 24 hour race but fails to complete sufficient laps. The ESCRA prize for best technical assistance crew in the race was awarded to 4 members of the Morgan team.

The Runabout ceased production.