In this year the 4/4 was reintroduced as the Series Two. Fitted with the Ford 100E 1122 c.c. engine it was as the Morgan Motor Co put it '. . .the object being to provide a sports car of first-class performance and appearance for the enthusiast with modest means.' In 1956 it cost £713. 17s including tax and did a somewhat leisurely 0 to 60 m.p.h time of 29.4 seconds! A review of the time said 'The Four Four is a creature of compromise. Main items on the debit side are performance which is not exciting in standard form, difficulty of getting in and out, the laborious hood mechanism and the lack of accommodation for luggage.' Some things have changed, some have not!


The Triumph TR2 engine in the Plus 4 was replaced with the TR3 100 b.h.p unit. When fitted with lightweight aluminium bodies these cars were extremely fast, capable of covering the standing quarter mile in 16 seconds.


11 inch Girling disc brakes and knock-on wire wheels become available.


With the demise of the Ford 100E engine Morgan launched the 4/4 Series Three with the new 105E engine from the Ford Anglia. The unit had a capacity of 997 c.c. and produced 39 b.h.p.