Calling all budding artists

24th April 2023

Club and Centre Merchandise

The relationship the Club enjoys with its merchandising partner Logo That Polo continues to build.  We have now added a number of Centre Logos to the options available so that members can have items emblazoned with their Centre Badge, the MSCC Badge or indeed on a number of items, both.  More details can be found on the Shop website and if you can’t find your Centre Badge please talk to your Centre Secretary about signing up; it costs nothing to do so and Centres receive commission on items that have their badge displayed.

We are always open to new ideas.  One of these might be to have a range of Christmas Cards printed.  If anyone out there has an artistic talent and has something to offer in that space then please do send it in regalia@morgansportscarclub.com. There will be no financial recompense but the glory for the chosen designer will be unbounded!