New Partner Benefits from Auto Perfect and ZirconiteUK

4th November 2022
We are delighted to announce new Partner Benefits for MSCC Members to help look after your Morgan with Auto Perfect and ZirconiteUK.

Auto Perfect are a fully insured, accredited and mobile Detailing service based in Worcestershire and the surrounding area and are fully accredited with both ZirconiteUK and Wheeluv. They have had the privilege of attending events such as Salon Prive with the MSCC where they assisted in getting numerous vehicles into the Concours.
Specialising in paint enhancement, correction and protection Auto Perfect offer full machine-polishing services to restore your vehicle to that showroom finish. They offer full vehicle protection including fully guaranteed ceramic coatings (up to 10 years!), leather protection and fabric protection. They also offer full detailing packages.

Linked to this Partnership MSCC Members can benefit from 20% discount when purchasing via the ZirconiteUK Online Store. Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK by experts in car care product solutions the exceptional Zirconite coating system delivers many years of guarantee combined with high levels of gloss and hydrophobicity, ceramic coatings, polymer coatings, interior protection and more. Zirconite car care products are made in-house in the UK, to exacting standards.
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