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Le Mans 62 Register

Le Mans 62 Register 


Morgan LeMans 62 cars

In 2002 the Morgan Motor Company built only 80 limited edition Anniversary models of the classic Morgan Sports Car to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 1962 Le Mans class win by the Morgan Race Car registered as TOK 258.


Of the 80 cars built, 40 of these were built with a 3900cc V8 engine (+8) and 40 with the 1800 engine (4/4).When Morgan launched the Le Mans '62 all the production of 80 cars were allocated within 72 hours, such was the attraction of this piece of motoring nostalgia.


The Registers 'mission' is to track down all the 80 cars. We managed to have 24 of the cars together at the Morgan Centenary Event in 2009 (see picture above showing some of the cars present)



An experience never forgotten