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Morgan Historic Register

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Morgan Historic Register

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The MSCC are building a register of all 4 wheel Morgans over 40 years old; but to make this more simple, we are recording all 4 wheel cars originally fitted with a Carburettor. To support the owners, the Morgan Historic Register ('MHR')  is constantly improving our Parts & Suppliers Register, which has been available to registered owners since early 2016; this now lists over 200 suppliers of useful services.


If you would like to include your car in the 'MHR', then please send us an email.  Any further detailed car information, history, or photograph provided, will also be recorded; it is not necessary to be an MSCC member to register your car.


Please send your email to Mike Pullen at.....  mscc.mhr.morganregister@gmail.com


Your contact information will be kept secure and private if that is your wish; and if a decision is taken to make some very limited information available on the MSCC web site, all registered members will be informed. Further details and information on the aims and uses of the 'MHR' are in Miscellany, together with details of planned events. Thank you.


 Machiel Kalf (Team Leader)   -   Mike Pullen (Car Registration)  –  Andy Downes (Admin.)  [Aug 16]


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