About Us

The Morgan Sports Car Club is a UK-based club for enthusiasts of Morgan cars. There are around 5,000 members in the UK, with other members and affiliated clubs in many other parts of the world.

Our activities include:

Motorsport and Competition: as a club recognised by Motorsport UK we organise a range of events including track days, AutoSolos, AutoTests, Trials and concours competitions. The Club also organises race and speed championships.

Touring: our activities include our own travel club, which is run in conjunction with a number of travel partners providing organised tours both in the UK and overseas, and detailed scenic tours in various parts of the UK.

Heritage: is a very important part of our activities and we have a number of technical advisers on all aspects of Morgans cars over the years and a supply of rare parts for older cars. We also maintain a large archive of material collected over the years including rare photographs, magazine articles, brochures and videos. We are a member of the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).

Nationally the club organises an annual gathering of Morgan cars usually involving scenic runs, tourist attractions, a concours competition and a number of trade stands and other social and competitive events. In addition, in the UK there are a number of Regional Centres where members meet both socially and to organise their own touring or competitive events. The club publishes a full-colour monthly magazine, Miscellany, containing news, articles of general interest and reports from around the country. Finally we negotiate a range of member-only benefits from discounts on products to services of interest to members including insurance, accommodation, travel and car-related items.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the club please go to our Join Us page or if you would like more information please contact us using the Contact Form and we will direct your enquiry to the relevant club officer.