Welcome to the Concours Page

Concours competition is where you present your nicely polished and tidied Mog for judging alongside others in a similar class. It’s simple, fun and a great way for novices and experts alike to display their pride and joy; and potentially win trophies and prizes.

We have a range of categories to suit everyone:

  • Novice – for those who haven’t entered before and want to try it out without fear of “being shown up by the experts”
  • Pride of Ownership – where the topside of the car is judged
  • Masterclass - which includes judging of the underside
  • Historic – for cars recorded in the Morgan Historic Register
  • Elite – for professional and freshly restored Morgans
  • MOGnificent which is an inter-Centre event fun event

A group of cars parked in a field

The MOGnificent inter-Centre Competition.

MOGnificent is a fun and light-hearted inter-Centre competition that everyone can participate in. Preliminaries are held at routine Noggins (Centre Meetings) where everyone is invited to turn up in their mog and the focus is on rewarding the car that is demonstrably the ‘most loved’ and cared for by its owner.

Rules for Centre preliminaries are down to your local centre but for those that want to follow a standard approach, a suite of documentation has been emailed to Centre Secretaries. This is by no means mandatory. To make it more interesting, the idea is that everyone who attends can also be a judge and gets to vote for the winner who is then entitled to represent their Centre in an overall MOGnificent competition at Mogfest where the public are invited judge the finalists

For those Centres which want to adopt a (slightly) more formal approach, you will find:

An overview of MOGnificent click here

Mognificent entry form (required for Mogfest finals) click here

The Morgan Historic Register Concours (Register by 28th June 2024)

This category is for cars recorded on the Morgan Historic Register (open to all Morgans which were originally fitted with a carburettor, as opposed to fuel injection).

If there are enough entrants, we will organise two classes within the Morgan Historic Register Concours; ‘Pride of Ownership’ where the overall appearance and presentation of the car is judged, and the slightly more rigorous ‘Masterclass’ level where the underside of the car is also scrutinized. If there are less than 10 entrants then everyone will compete in the simpler ‘Pride of Ownership” class.

If we can get enough entrants, we may also award a ‘Best Survivor’ award for unrestored vehicles which are presented in ‘used’ or ‘daily driver’ condition.

More details and entry forms are available here

Main Club Concours (Register by 28th June 2024)

Finally, we have our main Club Concours. There are prizes for different models of Morgan and you can enter either at ‘Pride of Ownership’ or 'Masterclass’ level (where the underside of the car is also judged).

Entry forms and instructions can be found here.