Technical and Spares

The club endeavours to supply a range of technical support to owners of Morgan cars, particularly earlier models. The technical team is led by John Torley the Technical Secretary. John is the first point of call if you are unsure as to where to direct your query or if it does not obviously fall within a particular area of expertise. John is supported by a group of people who have between them many years of experience and expertise in particular areas of Morgan ownership.

The following is the list of available areas of expertise. A full list of contact details is available to members via the listing in Miscellany and in the Member's Contacts page on the website.

  • Technical Secretary: John Torley - Tel: 07724 866441 (6pm-9pm please), email: techservices.sec@morgansportscarclub.com
  • 4/4 Series I Technical & Spares:
  • 4/4 Series II - V Technical:
  • 4/4 1600 Technical & DVLA Liaison Officer:
  • Early +4 Technical:
  • FIAT engined Morgans:
  • Ford Duratec/GDI Plus 4 and 3.0 Roadster Technical:
  • Early +8:
  • +8 4.6 1997-2001:
  • Electrical1936-1968:
  • Electrical and Electronics1970-Date:
  • 4/4 Ford CVH Carburettor 1982-91:
  • CX Platform vehicles.


The Series I Spares department aims to provide a range of parts not commercially available. All parts are new and produced to a specification agreed by the Technical Committee, such that some parts might not be exactly as original but will suit a wider range of cars. The spares are administered by Nigel Taylor and may be ordered Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00.

Technical Spares - Click here to download list

When placing your order please have your engine, gearbox, chassis and registration numbers to hand to ensure that the correct parts are dispatched.

Though every effort is made to keep stock levels up to date from time to time some items may be out of stock while waiting delivery of a new batch.  It is strongly advised therefore to check availability before placing your order. Telephone orders are taken Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 17.00, on 07967 887060 or tech.spares@morgansportscarclub.com

Prices listed are for parts only and do not include postage, package, insurance or V.A.T. All payments must be made in advance and payable to the 'Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd'. Shipping charges and insurance will be advised when an order has been placed.

Parts marked as 'new item' are in the process of being made or will be made in the near future.

The club is aware that with the passage of time and the ageing of many models the availability of spares for some later cars may start to become limited. If sufficient demand is identified then the club will consider extending the range of spares available beyond that currently held.