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Technical Services Bulletin

Series 1 World Wide Owners Register

The request for Series 1 owners to send their vehicle details to either Bill Billingham or me (George Proudfoot) has been very successful and I would like to thank all of you. We have received some lovely letters and photographs from very proud owners. Thank you. There are, however, a lot of owners who have not responded to our request, so please do so, especially those of you I know personally. We will not publish a list of owners or give out vehicle details to third parties. As I said in the first article, we need vehicle numbers for future spares production and stock numbers. Help us now – you could help yourself later.

Please send your details to George Proudfoot. Please phone +44 (0)1329 9826246/ 236217.


Technical Services Spares - Click here to download list


Technical Services aims to provide spare parts that are not available from commercial services. All parts are new and produced to a specification agreed by the Technical Services Committee, such that some parts might not be exactly ‘correct’ but they will suit a wider range of cars.

Though we endeavour to keep stock levels up to date, from time to time the expensive items will be out of stock while waiting for delivery of a new batch. Your patience is appreciated.

Economy of numbers and financial restraints means that at present we cannot supply a full range of parts. However, to help decide on new products we do appreciate feedback and positive criticism. (If you just want to moan, please go somewhere else.)



Prices quoted are for parts only and do not include postage, packing, insurance or VAT. We will endeavour to dispatch parts as soon as possible after receiving your orders.

All payments must be made in advance. Cash, cheques and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard etc.) are accepted; please make all cheques payable to the Morgan Sports Car Club Limited.


For postage and packing add


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