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MSCC Travel Club

Travel Operators   

Travel arrangements have been outsourced to the following companies.   

Scenic & Continental Car Tours were appointed as the MSCC preferred travel operator in 2015 and have created a set of pages on a website for the Club – click the MSCC Travel Club button to view tours.


The above excludes the Le Mans Classic 2018 (6th–8th July). At the National Committee meeting on 16th October 2016, Travel Destinations Limited was appointed as the Club’s official tour operator for Le Mans Classic 2018. Travel Destinations has some exclusive MSCC products, these include hotel, Flexotel, and on- and off-circuit camping.   
For more information, please call 0844 8730203 or email info@traveldestinations.co.uk and quote your MSCC membership number, or look at their website http://traveldestinations.co.uk/morgan-sports-car-club/


MSCC Travel Club


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