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If you have any issues with content as outlined in the paragraphs below, please in the first instance take the matter up with the owner(s) of that particular section of the website. For pages that are open to public display, contact the webmaster or MSCC Chairman. (Advertisers should be contacted directly about their own content.)


Legal Stuff

We do not vet and are not responsible for any information which is posted on this site. All content is viewed and used by you at your own risk and we do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information. The views expressed are those of the individual contributors and are not necessarily those of the Morgan Sports Car Club Limited (“MSCC”).

A little clarification:


A large amount of the content on this site is accessible by members only and they accept that content posted or contributed to the site is done with the best intentions and with the sole aim of benefiting the Morgan community. Some views expressed in posts or by individuals may not be held by others, as is generally always the case in life.

Regional Centres

Each Morgan Sports Car Club Area Centre has a Centre Secretary. They are responsible for making regular updates and posting information to their respective Area Centre pages on this site. They abide by the MSCC rules and guidelines, and make every effort to ensure content is accurate, non-offensive and helpful. If any member has issue with any content on a particular Area Centre, he/she should in the first instance address this with the Area Centre Secretary using the contact given.

Technical Guides and Articles

Technical guides or information that is presented in whatever format on this site is not vetted or checked for any form of accuracy by the Morgan Sports Car Club Limited unless it is expressly so stated at the top of the article. That is to say that the information supplied is there to assist members with issues and possible modifications to their Morgan cars that other owners have undertaken and documented. If an individual decides to follow any technical article or guide taken from this website, he/she does so at their own risk and we accept no liability to the Morgan Sports Car Club.

Advertiser Content

There are several pages which are created, managed and owned by the Advertisers on this website, such as Main Dealers, Independent Dealers and Morgan Specialists. The Advertisers, when undertaking to advertise with the MSCC on this site, agree to certain terms and conditions with respect to the accuracy of their content. If any inaccuracy or issue is found in the advertisers' pages, you should in the first instance contact them directly and ask for it to be corrected. The Morgan Sport Car Club Limited does not accept any liability with respect to views issues by advertisers.

Media Content

Media content can be defined as any digital type of data, such as Pictures, Video, Music, Sound recordings and so on. Any of this type of media which is posted on this site by individuals is freely given to the site and the individual doing so should ensure that there is no infringement of Copyright or ownership by a third party. If permission has not been given and infringement has been made, the matter should be taken up with the respective content manager of that area of the website, e.g. the Area Centre Secretary, Advertiser, and so on.

Links to External Sites and Social Forums

There are links to a variety of other websites pertinent to Morgan cars and a number of social forums. The Morgan Sports Car Club Limited has no control over these with the exception of its own Facebook page and Twitter sites. Any issue with external sites or social forums must be taken up with their owners directly, and the Morgan Sports Car Club Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for anything that may be published or views discussed thereon.

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Aug 03, 2021

Miscellany August 2021

August’s Miscellany is out now. This month’s another bumper issue, with another 70th Anniversary supplement. Plus reports from Mogfest, a test drive of the new 2022 model Plus Four, Centre events and travels, Speedmog events, the Sunset Sessions track day, news f...

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Jul 15, 2021

Club Handbook now online

The MSCC now has a Club Handbook for all its members and a completely revised information document for the administration of regional centres.The all-new handbook sets out the benefits of MSCC membership and gives guidance on many questions frequently raised by members, ...

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Jul 01, 2021

70th Anniversary Badges on sale now

Regalia news: the MSCC 70th Anniversary badges are now in stock - the un-numbered one shown below is the standard design. Contact Regalia Officer Paul Leggett for details.Also shown are seven badges, each with their own unique colours. Sealed bids giving the number ...

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Jun 30, 2021

Miscellany July 2021

The largest ever issue of Miscellany was sent in July; 72 pages plus covers including a 10 page supplement celebrating our 70th Anniversary with Club history and contributions from members. That’s in addition to all the usual reports, news and features. On the cover th...

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Miscellany - The magazine of the Morgan Sports Car Club

We have a fantastic 65+ page monthly Club magazine, sent to current MSCC members only. All subsequent issues are available online to members who are issued a pin to login to the members' section. Join the Club in the membership section. Deadline for copy is around the 7th of the previous month and the 12th for adverts (see tab under services for details)