MSCC Championship




1) Championship Entry

a. All entrants wishing to be included in the MSCC Championship should register their intent at the beginning of the season with the Awards Secretary. Entrants into the Hillclimb / Sprint and Race Championships are automatically entered. Details including model and age of car, type of engine, & MSCC membership number will be required to ensure eligibility for certain awards..

b. Only fully paid up members of the Morgan Sports Car Club are eligible to claim points and / or awards.

c. For the Quarter Century Cup, entrants must confirm eligibility (i.e details of engine, gearbox, axle / diff, chassis, frame; 3 of which must be original) to the Awards Secretary at the beginning of the season.

d. Results will be declared final by 31st December.

2) Points are to be claimed according to the following provisos

a. Morgans – based on positions relative to other 4 wheeler Morgans in the same class irrespective of Class Awards

1st Morgan in Class 10 points
2nd Morgan in Class 9 points
3rd Morgan in Class 8 points
8th Morgan in Class 3 points
Finishing but not in first eight 2 points
Starting but not finishing 1 point

b. Only one set of points may be claimed per event.

c. A member's best twelve results to count towards the MSCC Championship. All events to be claimed for and the Awards Secretary will determine the best twelve for each competitor.

d. A Classic & Super Classic list of events carrying a bonus of 10 & 20 points per event to encourage members to enter at events where good support would most benefit the club.

e. Only bonus points for a maximum of eight Classic listed events will be counted.

f. Events or classes with less than three Morgans starting, half points will be awarded.

G. Perpetual awards remain the property of the Morgan Sports Car Club and must be returned to either the Awards Secretary or event organiser at the end of the season. Perpetual awards must remain within the United Kingdom. The winner will be recognised on the award (this is arranged by the Awards Secretary)

4) Points Tie;

In the event of an end of season tie, the Competitors best eleven results will count. If still a tie, the best ten, and so on. If this does not resolve the situation, then the best thirteen, fourteen and so on. Awards Secretary; Mike Meredith MSCC Championship Rules

5) Halfway Point Award;

An award will be made halfway through the season, for the most points claimed up to the end of June to encourage early participation in the Championship.

6) Event Entry;

a. Points can be claimed only where the MSCC is an invited club, and all entries must be made in the Morgan Sports Car Club name.

b. Only MSA approved or foreign equivalent events may count for points.

c. The onus of proof that the event is one to which the Club has been invited is on the Competitor. He / she should send a copy of the regulations with a copy of the full results to the Awards Secretary to constitute a claim. If there is a Centre competition Co-ordinator, they may send a single claim on behalf of their members.

7) Bonus Points

a. All bonus points are awarded for starting an event, regardless of whether or not you actually finish.

b. Points will be awarded on a handicap basis only if the the class is listed as a handicap-only class in both regulations and results sheets. Scratch results will otherwise be used.

c. Classic Bonus Events (10 points);

i. Hillclimbs; Gurston Down, Harewood, Shelsley Walsh.
ii. Races; Peter Morgan Memorial Annual Race 2, BDC Silverstone
iii. Trials; Lands End, Edinburgh, Exeter, Lincoln, Cranmog
iv. Madresfield Driving Test

d. Super Classic Bonus Events (20 points)

i. MSCC Club Sprint (20 points cover both events)
ii. Races; Peter Morgan Memorial Annual Race 1
iii. National Mog Gymkhana
iv. National Mog Autosolo
v. National Mog Concours
vi. Midland Car Trial

e. Officials / Marshals (10 points)

i. Sprint Taster Day, Peter Morgan Memorial Meeting, MSCC Club Sprint, National MOG Gymkhana.

f. Officials / Marshals (5 points) Helping, marshal, passenger in a MSCC car trial or MOG Gymkhana.

g. Support of MSCC specified (15 points) Helping / marshal in Lands End, Edinburgh or Exeter car trial

8) Awards / Trophys In addition to trophies awarded for competing in the MSCC Race Series & MSCC Speed Championship, the following trophies may be awarded;

a. SGT Racing Trophy ; The MSCC Member achieving the best result driving a Morgan against other marques, during the season.

b. Techniques Trophy; Winner of MG'T' Register AC & Morgan Race. Bentley Drivers Club Meeting driving a Morgan

c. The Red Ped Award; The MSCC Member, who, in the opinion of the Editor, has contributed the most Interesting article to Miscellany.

d. The Auto Solo Cup; Winner of the Auto Solo event

e. Ruth Atkinson Trophy; Best performance driving a Morgan in the MCC Trials , Exeter, Land's End & Edinburgh.

f. Prescott Cup; Fastest time of year by a member driving a Morgan at Prescott Speed Hill Climb, National or invited event

g. Taylor Cup; Fastest time of year by a member driving a Morgan at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, National or invited event

h. Harewood Cup; Fastest time of year by a member driving a Morgan at Harewood Hill Climb, National or invited event

i. Morgan Sprint Trophy; Fastest time by a Member driving a Morgan at the MSCC Annual Sprint.

j. Parc Ferme Trophy; Presented to the winner of the class run offs driving a Morgan at the MSCC Sprint at Curborough.

k. Madresfield Cup; Overall Winner at Madresfield Driving Test.

l. The Chairmans Cup; Best overall performance in the Club Championship driving a Morgan TR engine +4 .

m. The Millie Trophy; MSCC Member doing something outstanding in a Morgan Series 1. 4/4 either in competition or otherwise

n. The Power Torque Trophy; Best overall performance in the Club Championship driving a Morgan CVH 4/4 .

o. Vice President's Trophy; Competitor who has performed with great merit in a Morgan pushrod 4 cylinder .

p. Nil Desperandum Trophy; Best overall performance by a member driving a Morgan not winning any other individual award.

q. Prebendary’s Cup; Awarded to the person or group Contributing most to organise the Club's Annual Event

r. Driving Force Award; Awarded to the Gentleman Member who deserves recognition for his efforts on behalf of the MSCC

s. The Jenny Seward Memorial Trophy; Awarded to the Lady Member who deserves recognition for his efforts on behalf of the MSCC

t. The Eric Wilson Trophy; Winning Team of the MSCC National Concours

u. The Gymkhana Shield; The Member who wins the Gymkhana allied to the MOG event of the year.

Awards Secretary - Mike Meredith