Starter Motor Chubb Family Day

Join StarterMotor at the Chubb/Bicester Heritage Family Day on 31st May.

We have a special VIP opportunity with StarterMotor at Bicester Heritage Family Day sponsored by Chubb. 

We have 6 car passes (2 people per car) available for this very special event, starting at 12 noon on Friday 31st May. It includes a lovely lunch on the HERO-ERA Terrace, detailed site visits and the track will be open for two hours. Both people in the car can use the track. The Bicester test track is 
an interesting circuit to drive on, great if you want to try your car without the fear of speed cameras. Morgan, Bentley, StarterMotor and some Chubb cars will be allowed on the track. Wriggly Monkey (the on-site bistro/pub) will also open at 4 pm for festivities to continue. It is a fundraising event and we hope to raise around £500+ for StarterMotor from the MSCC involvement.

If you would like to bid (closed bids) on one of these passes please email Jann Robinson at ChairMSCC@morgansportscarclub.com  before 27th April, with the amount you are prepared to bid for the pass.

It will be a great event; we hope to see you there.