More Morgans than Bentleys at the 75th BDC meeting?

6th August 2023

Do you know your Copse from your Woodcote? No? Well here is your chance to find out. Morgan racing has been part of the Bentley Drivers Meeting at Silverstone since its very early days some 75 years ago. These days there are probably more Morgans in attendance than Bentleys, both on and off the track, but no one is counting as that would be rude! The day will comprise of nine races, at least six of which will have Morgans competing, possibly more. The highlights will be two rounds of the Morgan Challenge, and the Techniques Trophy for 4 cylinder engined Morgans. The Techniques Trophy or “TT” will be running for the 17th year at the meeting and is undoubtably the highlight as cars of all ages will be running. Not only that, but Techniques will be displaying Leigh Sebba’s 4-4, which famously competed at Le Mans in 1938 and 1939, fresh from its triumphant return to this years Le Mans Classic where it won the cup for final team rankings by performance index. Another featured race that has included Morgans in the past is the Bentley Pre-War race where historic three wheelers have shown that big boys don't alway win.

Is your Morgan only for picnics? Is Silverstone Classic too expensive? Have you never considered watching a race? Well if so, this is the meeting for you. Tickets are just £17 for the day. This ticket allows you to park where you want, including on the bank inside Copse Corner where you can picnic and chat with other drivers as the races go by. Of course you can wander into the paddock too and see all the racing cars close up. A warning though, tickets must be purchased in advance from silverstone.co.uk