Exeter Trial Results & Video

22nd February 2022

There were four Morgans entered in the Exeter Classic Road Trial back in January, as well as one Plus 4 in the main event. On the MSCC Youtube channel we now have a video from the Road Trial, showing what's involved in this kind of event - see below.

The results have since been announced :

John Coupland/John Day - Gold
Geof Wood/Howard Burton - Gold
Charles Neal/Iain Leviston - Gold
Jane Peck/Tim Ayres - Silver
Colin Sumner/Peter Thompson - Silver (but on the main trial, which is a much tougher challenge!)


Thanks to the Motor Cycling Club for a great event, we will be back on the Lands End at Easter. If you're inspired to have a go, see www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk Thanks to Dave Cook for the photos.