Mogfest Fun and Games - Register Now!

May 15, 2024

Register Now for Mogfest '24 Fun and Games

We are inviting teams of 4 to put their names forward for a competition which will be held on the Saturday at Weston Park. Team games will include, fishing for ducks, Morgan jigsaw, tennis ball challenge, spark plug challenge and fun with frisbees. There will be prizes for the winners ! Please CLICK HERE to download a Team entry form which you should email to: Staffordshire.sec@morgansportscarclub.com

Can’t get a team together? Well, don’t despair because there will also be games for individuals and couples including the Auto-Duo pedal car, model Morgan racing and Mog-in-a-bag mystery game. Pre-registration for these is also recommended so that you don’t miss your chance to join in. Please CLICK HERE for the individual games entry form and again, please email to Staffordshire.sec@morgansportscarclub.com

Time slots for those entered will be allocated on the day – so make sure that you book in at 'Game Control' in the Staffordshire Morgans gazebo on arrival.

Visit the Mogfest '24 page for full details of the weekend and how to book.