GlamMog - Day Out

4th June 2023

GlamMog - Because everyone is glamorous in a MorganGlamMog Group photo

The sun shone after days of rain and I am so pleased it did because on Thursday 11 May GlamMog had its inaugural event.
GlamMog is the newly formed group of Morgan lady drivers, owners and enthusiasts, who were invited by Henry Williams of Williams Automobiles to a test-drive day in some of their new cars.
Henry welcomed us with coffee and croissants and we explored his showroom while the paperwork was done.
11 ladies and 2 gentlemen (the group will never exclude gentlemen from the events it organises) were able to experience driving the new Super 3 and Plus 4 along with 2 ladies who wanted to drive a 2016 S & S engine 3-wheeler.
When I looked at the group about to depart the dealership in Chipping Sodbury I suddenly realised Henry was letting us loose with about half a million pounds worth of cars. Brave man is Henry Williams!!
Henry led the cavalcade, of beautifully attired people, in shiny Morgans around the area of Castle Combe. Louis brought up the rear, they were not going to let us escape. I drove the Super 3, it was great, but the pedals did need to come all the way forward, and I still had to stretch. Me thinks it was designed for people much taller than me at 5’3”.
As we drove through Castle Combe there were a lot of tourists and so we had a photo shoot which was great. It is wonderful to see the smiles Morgans bring to people’s faces. I am sure we are on Instagram all over the world!. We stopped at a lovely coffee shop for cake and coffee and changed drivers. The weather was glorious, the cars magnificent and a great time was had by all.

GlamMog said:
“It’s great to have like minded women together that love their cars.”
“a day of perfection - awesome drive hood down all the way”
“people waved and took photos – I felt like a movie star”
“a great inaugural meet – Williams crew donated their time and cars – we also raised money for StarterMotor
“driving the S & S engine 3 wheeler made me smile the whole time I was driving it”
“the thrill of the drive and the paparazzi-style reception in Castle Combe – loved it”
“Williams Automobiles gave us a wonderful day – thanks to them for their generosity”
“bunch of ladies in hot cars turning heads having a great time in Morgans - contact GlamMog for your ad campaign”

GlamMog would like to thank Henry, Hannah and Louis of Williams Automobiles for hosting us and making the day so enjoyable.

Driving a Morgan is about the way it feels, and how well it handles when cornering, and the whole experience of being out in the elements in a proper sports car. That is what makes it so fantastic to drive. If you have never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing, so come on girls, Morgans aren’t just for boys!

If you would like to join GlamMog please contact Jann - vicechair@morgansportscarclub.com
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