Introducing the Morgan Midsummer

May 16, 2024

Here is the new Morgan Midsummer, which launches today at 10am. It is the product of a collaboration between Morgan Motor Company and legendary Italian coachbuilders Pininfarina, as promised earlier this year. Designers and engineers from the two companies worked closely together over an eighteen-month period to develop the Midsummer, using all of Pininfarina’s digital design technology alongside the expertise of Morgan’s craftsmen.

Based on the Plus Six chassis and running gear, the car has a new look in a “barchetta” style*, with a sweeping tail and exposed teak wood around the cockpit, reminiscent of classic Italian Riva speedboats or English Thames slipper launches. These teak pieces will be made from a high-tech laminating process using over 100 very thin layers to allow the forming of complex shapes.
The bodywork will be all hand-formed from aluminium, rather than using Superform, with each car’s panels taking more than 250 hours to create. Only 50 Midsummers will be built, and all of them have now been sold, following a series of preview showings to regular customers.
It is the first production car to carry the ‘Pininfarina Fuoriserie’ badge, usually reserved for the company’s most special prototypes and concept cars.

For full details of the new car, see the MSCC Morganeer email newsletter, sent out to Club members today, or visit the Morgan Motor Company website

*”Barchetta”, literally meaning “little boat”, refers in Italian car-building to an open car with no hood and a very small windscreen or aeroscreens. It was first used to refer to the 1948 Ferrari 166MM.