Salon Prive - a good turnout

20th September 2022

Following the appearance of MSCC member John Beskeen’s 1955 Plus 4 DHC in the main Salon Privé concours earlier in the week, Saturday 3 September was Club Trophy day at Blenheim Palace. Seventeen MSCC cars were on show, representing a good range of models: AeroMax, Plus 8, Roadster, Plus 4, 4/4 (including a four-seater), 3-Wheeler, Plus Six and Plus Four. The two Roadsters were selected to represent the MSCC in the competition for overall Club Trophy winner and were driven to the main Salon Privé paddock on the South Lawn. Congratulations to Malcolm Oyston and Carl Barton, the latter with his very rare polished aluminium example. Both cars attracted much attention from the crowds in the paddock, but the top prize eventually went to a stunning Ferrari 308GTS. Oh well – Ferrari was the featured marque this year!