Morgan Holland - Morgan Sports Car Club Holland

The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland (MSCCH)

The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland (MSCCH) was officially established in 1972 by 15 enthusiastic Dutch Morganeers. Over time MSCCH has developed into a vibrant club with more than 400 members. MSCCH is the only officially registered Morgan association in The Netherlands. At the national level, MSCCH is a member of both the Royal Dutch Automobile Club (KNAC) and the Federation of Historical Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs (FEHAC).

MSCCH considers the Morgan experience as 'a way of life'. Reveling Morgans together is a guarantee for smiling faces and easy connections. Where enthusiastic members meet to exchange experiences and offer help to each other, a festive atmosphere arises time and time again. Paramount is our club slogan “For each other, With each other, Courteous and Helpful”. 

The club is open to Morgan-afficionados, whether they own a Morgan or not. Six regional hubs serve and cover all of The Netherlands. In addition to regular gatherings and organized tours, the hubs exchange technical information and support MSCCH national events. 

MSCCH produces a glossy magazine four times a year and maintains a website (www.mscch.nl) as well and issues an events calendar. MSCCH branded clothing is offered through a webshop.

In addition to organizing national and regional events, MSCCH has a tradition of organizing an international anniversary celebration every five years. The club participates in select classic car fairs. 

Contact: secretaris@mscch.nl