National Committee

The committee positions are primarily fulfilled on a voluntary basis by Club members, most of whom have full-time jobs. A few roles take up a lot of time and effort so we currently have two employees contracted to ensure these jobs are done within the necessary time-frame. These roles are the Treasurer and Membership Secretary. The Editor is a full-time employee of Offstone our publishing house, who also deal with advertising.

If you need help, please contact us by email and we will respond as quickly as we are able.

The Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Editor are non-elected posts.

Colin Thornton


Martin Rickerd

Vice Chairman

Jon Savage

Past Chairman

Gill Bevan

Membership Secretary and Club Manager

Roger Coverley


Peter Grange

Company Secretary

Charles Neal

Miscellany Editor

Dave Bright

Centre Liaison Officer

Paul Leggett

Regalia Officer

John Torley

Technical Services Secretary


Public Relations Officer

John Donovan

Overseas Liaison Officer

Iain Leviston

Motorsport Lead

Ivan Wheatley

Communications Lead

Chris Bailey

Concours Secretary

Mike Hughes


Simon Baines

Speed Championship Organiser

Katy Thompson

Race Series Coordinator


Awards Secretary

Michele Jarvis

Safeguarding Officer

Andy Bye

Insurance Officer


Members Benefits Officer