Morgan cars are not just about Motorsport, they have a unique place in British motoring evoking summer days spent driving through the countryside in an open topped car. Whether it’s in Europe or any other part of the world, from the Far East to the Americas, from Scandinavia to Australasia, Morgan cars are enjoyed by all ages for the pleasure they give when simply driving.

The Club has appointed Scenic Car Tours as its partner and official tour operator and Club members can now take advantage of the expertise of Scenic Car Tours and the special terms negotiated to enjoy their touring activities far and wide with the minimum of fuss and the best value available.

The Club also supports Regional Centres throughout the UK which provide opportunities for like-minded Morgan owners to meet and to share their enjoyment of owning a Morgan car. Whether it’s local scenic tours, travelling further afield together or just simply meeting up for a natter, a Noggin in Morgan circles, Regional Centres have something for everyone. Many of the Centres have also shared some of the best of their Scenic Tours and the Club maintains a library for the use of members.

For details of the tours organised by Scenic Car Tour, information about the various Regional Centres or access to the library of Scenic Tours please use the links below.